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Combining their years of clinical expertise, Dr. Richard P. McLaughlin and Dr. John C. Bennett have outlined the newest evolution of orthodontic treatment mechanics – the McLaughlin Bennett System 4.0.

The new texbook, Fundamentals of Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics fully explains this all-new prescription through practical instructions, a series of stage-by-stage treated cases, and in-depth discussions on topics such as case setting and post treatment management.

The textbook includes 300 pages containing over 900 colour illustrations and line drawings, supported by a series of stage-by-stage treated cases.

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John C. Bennett, an award-winning author and acknowledged authority on orthodontic treatment, takes a unique and in-depth look at bracket design, highlighting which features are important. Fundamentals of Orthodontic Bracket Selection explains what to look for in a quality bracket, and shows that some brackets can be expected to perform much better than others.

Chapter titles cover the following:

  • What is needed from an orthodontic bracket
  • In-out and rotation control
  • Vertical accuracy and tip control
  • Bracket design for torque control
  • Misconceptions
  • Bracket size and other considerations
  • Friction? What friction?
  • Brackets as a part of a treatment system
  • The cost? Don’t ask
  • Selecting orthodontic brackets
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Fundamentals of Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics: #962347
Fundamentals of Orthodontic Bracket Selection: #967825


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