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Straight-Length Open-Coil Spring

VIA Straight-Length Open_Coil SpringNickel Titanium 7″ straight-length springs offer gentle, consistent opening forces to create spaces between teeth or to apply a compression force between two fixed points in the mouth. Wire size: .010″/ 0.25mm, Lumen size: .030″ / o.75mm


NiTi Spooled Open Coil Spring

VIA Spooled Open_Coil Spring-15-inch-Spooled springs offer gentle, consistent opening forces in a 15″ (38 cm) length. Provides optimal opening forces when compressed between two brackets or two fixed points in the mouth. Wire size: .010″ / 0.25mm, Lumen size: .30″ / 0.76mm


NiTi Closed-Coil Springs

Via Closed_Coil SpringsClosed-coil springs are precision manufactured to close spaces with predictable results. They exert a gentle force (around 200 grams), offering light, continuous forces across a wide range of deflection. Eyelets, polished smooth for comfort, offer easy attachment to brackets, hooks and TADs.

Wire size: .010″ / 0.25mm , Lumen size: .030″ / 0.76mm


Preformed Ligature Wires

VIA_Preformed LigatureDead soft temper offers maximum workability. Performed shape fits snugly around bracket tie wings, saving valuable chair time. Available in 6″ (15cm) long or 1/2″ (1.3cm) pretwisted short ties. Long ties can be used for laceback and bracket attachments. Pretwisted, short ties offer faster placement.

Wire size: .010″ / 0.25mm


Kobayashi Ligature Wires

VIA_Kobayashi Ligature WIresKobayashi Stainless Steel ties provide a quick tying feature when a preformed hook is needed on a bracket. Wire is spot welded to maintain hook integrity. Dead soft temper offers maximum workability. Available in long or time-saving pretwisted short ties. Wire size: .12″ / 0.31mm for optimal strength and workability


Spooled Ligature Wire

VIA Spooled Ligature WireDead soft stainless steel ligature wire offered in an economical one-pound spool when preformed ligature ties are not preferred. Wire size: .010″ / 0.25mm


Crimpable Ball Hook

VIA_Crimpable-Ball-hook_296x206Precision manufactured split crimp able ball hooks offer reliable performance during treatment when elastics or extension springs are needed. Also provides an effective alternative to pre posted arch wires. The ball hook may be crimped without removing the arch wire. Ball hook is straight and measures 5mm from base to ball. The straight hook may be bent in any direction. Fits rund and rectangular wire sizes up to .021″x.028″.


Crimpable Split Stop Strips

VIA_Crimpable-split-stop-strips_296x206Offering convenient, secure stops that can be placed anywhere along the arch wire, crimp able split stops limit tooth movement and maintain proper wire positioning. Made of 304 annealed stainless steel, split stops crimp easily, yet hold firmly to the arch wire. Ten stops are provided on each strip. Fits round and rectangular sizes up to .021″x.028″.


Micro Stops

VIA_Micro-StopsLimiting tooth movement or providing anchorage, Micro Stops slide along the arch wire to the desired position and are crimped. The small size benefits patients because of their comfort and esthetics. Available in two sizes selected based on the size of the arch wire.

Small Micro Stops fit arch wires up to .018″ round or .016″ x .016″. Large Micro Stops fit arch wires larger than .018″ round or .016″ x .016″.

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Choose from:

NiTi Open Coil Springs 7″ Length 3pk – SKU: #9450043

NiTi Spooled Open Coil Spring 15" (38cm) Length – SKU: #9450043

NiTi Closed Coil Springs 9mm 10pk – SKU: #9450044
NiTi Closed Coil Springs 12mm 10pk – SKU: #9450045

Performed Short Twisted Ligature Ties .010, 500pk – SKU: #9450050
Performed Long Ligature Ties .010, 1,000pk – SKU: #9450046

Kobayashi Short Twisted Ligature Wire .012, 100pk – SKU: #9450048
Kobayashi Long Ligature Wire .012, 100pk – SKU: #9450049

Spooled Ligature Wire 1lb. – SKU: #9450050

Crimpable Ball Hook 10pk – SKU: #9450051

Crimpable Split Stop Strips 10-Strips of 10 – #9450053

Micro Stop Small 25pk – SKU: #9450052
Micro Stop Large 25pk – SKU: #9450054


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