A.S.A.P. All Access Surface Polishers

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Achieve ultimate high shine, in less than a minute – with only one shape.


  • Utilized for aligner attachments
  • 2-step system reduces surface defects and delivers a high-luster finish on composite, glass ionomer, and bisacryl materials
  • Ideal for polishing rough edges on aligners and other lab appliances
  • Diamond-impregnated, flexible polishing spirals designed for optimal adaptation to any surface
  • Polishes in under 1 minute
  • Contains 70% pure diamond particles
  • Autoclavable 30 times or more, designed to withstand wear


A.S.A.P. Pre-Polisher

Pre-Polisher (purple) gently diminishes small surface defects, without affecting anatomy, and prepares the surface for a final high gloss polish.


A.S.A.P. Final High Shine Polisher

Final High Shine Polisher (orange) is embedded with small, 3-6 micron sized diamond particles to provide a life-like polish in as little as 20 seconds.


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Additional information

Choose from:

ASAP Starter Kit – SKU: 130917
Contains: 3 x Pre-polishers Small, 3 x Pre-polishers Large, 3 x Final High Shine Polishers Small, 3 x Final High Shine Polishers Large

ASAP Trial Kit 2-Pack – SKU: 130910-11
Contains: 1 x Pre-polishers, 1 x Final High Shine Polishers, please specify small or large

ASAP 6-Pack Refill – SKU: 130912 large, 130913 small
Contains: 3 x Pre-polishers, 3 x Final High Shine Polishers,

ASAP 3-Pack Refill – SKU: 131012 large, 131011small
Contains: 3 x Polishers


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