Affinity Crystal

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AFFINITY Crystal is a water-clear, silicone matrix material designed for easy fabrication of provisional veneers. AFFINITY Crystal flows effortlessly into the embrasure areas, capturing extreme detail to create an accurate, clear matrix through which you can light-cure provisional material.

From the AFFINITY™ line of 3rd generation impression material comes AFFINITY Crystal, the advanced silicone matrix material designed for easy fabrication of temporary veneers. Clear as crystal, it’s the only matrix material to utilize branched resin chemistry, providing greater durability, a higher tear strength, and predictable results – every time. Add to this the ability to light-cure provisional veneer material right through the matrix, and it’s easy to see why AFFINITY Crystal should be your clear choice when fabricating temporary veneers with a light-cured composite.

Easy to place, AFFINITY Crystal prevents the formation of interproximal flash by flowing into, and duplicating, the embrasure areas. Gingival flash is also avoided. Because it is completely transparent, you can place the filled matrix intraorally and inspect for voids and bubbles prior to curing. And unlike many other clear matrix materials, AFFINITY Crystal’s clarity is maintained for the life of the matrix. With a working time of 0:45 seconds and intraoral cure time that can be as short as 0:90 seconds (for a maximum procedure time of only 2:15 minutes!), AFFINITY Crystal is far more efficient than traditional procedures using putty, alginate, and vacuum splints. You and your patients will appreciate the shorter chair time.

Functional, esthetic, and durable temporaries are just as important as the veneers themselves. For predictable results, say good-bye to less efficient, less accurate alginate and vacuum splint impressions. Choose Affinity Crystal.


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