Affinity MegaMix

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Affinity Impression Material

Experience the benefits of Advanced 3rd Generation AFFINITY InFlex Maximum Support Tray Material and AFFINITY Heavy Body in automated mixing machine format.

  • InFlex Maximum Support Tray Material is specifically designed for taking dual-arch impressions
  • AFFINTY Heavy Body provides ideal flexibility to jump undercuts while maintaining impression accuracy (for techniques where a rigid tray is being used)


3year shelf life

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Choose from:

Inflex (regular set) – SKU: 012380
Inflex (fast set) – SKU: 012385
Heavy Body (regular set) – SKU: 013380
Heavy Body (fast set) – SKU: 013385
MegaMix Mixing Tips 10-pack – SKU: 033138
MegaMix Mixing Tips 50-pack – SKU: 033538


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