Affinity Quick Bite

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Affinity Impression Material

Advanced chemistry captures exquisite detail and demonstrates long term accuracy, free from distortion.

  • Sets in just 30 seconds
  • Captures perfect occlusal detail
  • Resin-based formula trims easily without crumbling
  • High durometer hardness of 90 maintains consistency that allows laboratories to work with it


What is 3rd Generation Chemistry?

Uncompromised Physical Properties. Unmatched Clinical Performance. Unparalleled Accuracy.
Found only in AFFINITY, this advanced chemistry features a hydroactive surfactant that is grafted to a branched resin. Previous generation materials have a surfactant, of course, but it is ungrafted, preventing a complete cure and compromising physical properties. The consistent distribution of resin throughout the material gives AFFINITY greater accuracy, and several other clear advantages over other materials:

Enhanced hydrophilicity for excellent performance in the presence of moisture, especially with subgingival preparations.
Matched fluid states between the tray and wash materials to better capture the preparation site.
100% cure, which translates to high tear strength and dimensional stability.

3year shelf life

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