Forestadent SARA® Class II Corrector

SARA® is a telescopic device with exchangeable external springs (selectable force levels of 3N or 4N), which can be universally integrated into any fixed multi-bracket system. No need for laboratory work and ready to use in minutes.

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The Forestadent SARA® is a stationary telescopic appliance with exchangeable outer spring (3N/ 4N), which allows an effective therapy, independent of the patient’s cooperation, of Class II cases without the need for extraction or surgery.

  • Universally applicable
  • One version for all jaw sizes.
  • Easy mesial insertion into the headgear tube
  • Mounting of the device possible in only a few minutes
  • Extraction or surgery, as well as the use of headgear, are not necessary
  • Time-consuming and costly laboratory processes are not necessary
  • The cooperation of the patient, e.g. with elastics, is not required
  • Easily replaceable 3N respectively 4N spring and the 1 or 2 mm spacer rings.
  • Fewer side effects like ex. lateral open bite or intrusion of the OK molars due to the horizontal force effect of SARA®


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Click here to request the mini-clinic “Getting the Most from your Class II Corrector” (and earn 1 CE credit).

SARA corrector: intraoral use

Notice how SARA lies horizontal to the occlusal plane which is more comfortable for the patient and reduces the unwanted intrusion of the molars.



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