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Forestadent BioQuick

Small details make the difference
BioQuick®, the fourth generation of our popular and proven Quick® brackets from FORESTADENT, is lower than ever before. BioQuick® offers an up to 0.3 mm lower height in the anterior area ensuring excellent patient comfort. Placing the self-ligating bracket on the tooth is also extremely comfortable. This is thanks to the improved fit of the anatomically shaped base. You will be amazed at how easily BioQuick® brackets can be bonded. A stronger and wider clip that can be replaced, with approx. 20% more strength compared to the previous model, ensures the reliable control of torque, angulation and rotation.

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The BioPassive® bracket has been set significantly deeper to provide greater clearance for the archwire and reduce friction in the slot. In combination with the flexible clip this allows for effective therapeutic progress during the initial phase of the treatment – using the gentlest of forces. The BioPassive® bracket is a precisely fitting, anatomically contoured base developed on the basis of an extensive study under which around 4,000 teeth from all over the world were recorded using 3D laser scan techniques and their natural curvatures examined. And the result is remarkable – the brackets can be positioned precisely and safely.

  • More clearance and less friction thanks to the deeper bracket slots
  • Easy and precise positioning with anatomically contoured base and precise fit
  • Active control with flexible, even more stable designed clip
  • Easier gingival opening with new snap function
  • Numerous combination options (e.g. with springs) due to .016” x .016” auxiliary slots

All Sprint brackets have an anatomically curved base. Hook-shaped undercuts on the base allow for better retention than with a mesh base. On removal of the brackets. a significant amount of adhesive remains on the base rather than on the tooth.


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