Nanda Intrusion Archwires

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The intrusion arch is inserted into the molar tubes with the pre-activated 30° V-bends 2-3 mm mesial to the molar tubes so that the wire lies passively on the vestibular sulcus. Activation is accomplished by bringing it occlusal and tying it to the anterior segment attached to the four incisors. An intrusive force of 40-50 grams acts on the incisors while at the same time a reciprocal extrusive force and a distal crown moment is felt by the molars and/or the buccal segment. This moment can help in correcting edge to edge class II to class I molar relationship.


  1. Intrusion of incisors
  2. Extrusion of Incisors
  3. Midline Correction
  4. Correction of smile zone cant
  5. Space Closure
  6. Correction of ½ cusp Class II molar
  7. Asymmetric Class II Molar Correction
  8. Intraoral Anchorage for Space Closure


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