Opal Adhesives

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The Opal Bond family provides an option for all your bonding needs while achieving consistent, reliable results. Each viscosity is effective on metal and ceramic appliances, is kind to opposing enamel, and causes no discolouration.

Opal Bond™ high viscosity bonding adhesive allows easy positioning and flash removal. The super tacky, viscous formula helps eliminate bracket drift while providing ample working time. Available for convenient, familiar compule delivery.

Opal Bond™ MV medium viscosity bonding adhesive butters easily into bracket mesh and minimizes drift upon placement. Proprietary loading process virtually eliminates “run on”. Ergonomic contra-angle syringe delivers adhesives with precision and economy.


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Opal Bond Compule Kit (20 – .3g compules) including dispenser – SKU: #905017
Opal Bond Compule Refill Kit (20 – .3g compules) – SKU: #905035
Opal Bond MV Syringe 8 pack (8 – 9g contra angle syringes) – SKU: #905067
Opal Bond – SKU: #905037
Opal Bond Compule Dispenser – SKU: #905037


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