Opal Seal

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• Releases and recharges fluoride

• 38% filled with substantial glass ionomer plus nano-fillers for long-lasting strength

• Non-yellowing and stain resistant

• Drying agent seeks out moisture and draws resin in, ensuring superior bonding and fluoride uptake

• Fluorescent properties make reapplication and removal easy and convenient


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Choose from:

Opal Seal Intro Kit – SKU: #905060
1 x 1.7g Opal Seal syringe
1 x 1.5g Opal Etch syringe
10 x Metal Opal Seal tips
10 x Opal Blue tips

Opal Seal Kit – SKU: #905061
4 x 1.7g Opal Seal syringes
60 x Metal Opal Seal tips

Opal Seal Econo Refill – SKU: #905062
20 x 1.7g Opal Seal Syringes

Opal Seal Adhesives Trial Kit
1 x 1.7g Opal Seal syringe
1 x 0.9g Opal Bond MV syringe
1 x 1.5g Opal Etch syringe
1 x 2.3g Opal Bond Flow syringe
20 x Metal Opal Seal tips
20 x Opal Blue tips
20 x Opal Bond Flow tips

Opal Seal Trial Syringe – SKU: #905063
1 x 0.6g Opal Seal syringe
3 x Metal Opal Seal tips

Opal Seal Metal tips 20pk – SKU: #905094
Opal Seal Metal tips100pk – SKU: #905095


  1. ldelellis

    Opal Seal has improved bonding strength
    Posted by – Dr. Bruce Harris http://www.drbharris.com on 26th Jul 2012

    “We’ve been in practice for over 43 years. For the past 15 months, we’ve used Opal Seal on all our bonding cases. Opal Seal has improved bonding strength, decreased decalcification and the we love that the consistency feels even. The consistency also helps the brackets maintain an ideal position during bonding. We have also experienced less rebonds due to bonding failure.”

  2. OE Admin

    “A one-of-a-kind, industry-changing product… significant amount of fluoride released over the entire length of treatment – a benefit that cannot be overlooked.” – Gerald Phipps, DMD, MS

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