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Opalescence GO Individual Pack

Pre-loaded Whitening Trays for affordable whitening treatment. Effective and powerful. Convenient pre-filled disposable trays.

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Pre-loaded Whitening Trays

Affordable whitening treatment that is so effective and powerful that it’s only dispensed by dentists – so your patients can trust it is going to work.


  • Enhanced UltraFit tray – provides an extremely comfortable fit and easily conforms to patient’s individual smile
  • Convenient pre-filled disposable trays – no in-house procedures or lab expenses
  • Molar-to-molar coverage – ensures the gel comes in contact with more posterior teeth
  • Available in 10% hydrogen peroxide (with wear times of 30-60 minutes) or 15% hydrogen peroxide (with wear times from 15-20 minutes)
  • Contains potassium nitrate and fluoride which together improve the overall health of the teeth – Potassium nitrate has been shown to help reduce sensitivity and fluoride has been shown to reduce caries and strengthen enamel.
  • Appealing mint flavour
  • Sleek packaging – showcase it as a cosmetic tooth whitening product in your waiting room
  • Each tray is vacuum-packed for freshness


Q: Can your patients whiten with braces?
A: Yes! Patients with braces can whiten their teeth. Opalescence Go will give them that “wow” they look forward to the day their braces are finally removed. Click here to read more.




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Choose from:

Opalescence GO kit
Opalescence GO 6 pk

Opalescence GO Sample Tower 10% (SKU 704901)


Opalescence GO 10% Mint Ind Kit (704630)


Opalescence GO 15% Mint Ind Kit (704633)


Opalescence GO 10% Mint (704635)


Opalescence GO 15% Mint (704638)



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