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Due to the design of its arm and the single expansion mechanism, the dimension of the screw body does not change during treatment. Innovative design and micro-mechanical technology allow Philosophy 1™ RPE to fit very close to the palate. This means it is much closer to the center of resistance of th palatal suture and provides optimal transfer of expansion force. Due to its design and manufacturing technology, Philosophy 1 is also applied parallel to the palate. Malleable in the laboratory and strong in the mouth, the special steel alloy has unique bio-mechanical properties that facilitate forming the device while ensuring dimensional stability in the mouth during treatment.

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RPE Philosophy 1 Bending Tool – SKU: 9-106002
RPE Philosophy 1 Size 4 – SKU: 9-106004
RPE Philosophy 1 Size 6 – SKU: 9-106006
RPE Philosophy 1 Size 8 – SKU: 9-106008
RPE Philosophy 1 Size 13 – SKU: 9-106013
RPE Philosophy 1 Size 10 – SKU: 9-106101
RPE Philosophy 1 PT Key – SKU: 9-106110


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