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Single Resin Bonding with Minimal Sensitivity

With its unique, patented, one-of-a-kind chemistry, PQ1 Bonds to dentin/enamel, cast metal, porcelain, amalgam and composite. Also effective for indirect procedures where light curing is possible. PQ1 is made of natural resins and is the highest filled single component bonding agent at 40%. It contains FluorUtite that gives a high prolonged fluoride release even after curing, and PQ1 cures will any light you might have.

Product Features:
  • Highest filled single component at 40%
  • Radiopaque
  • Natural resins
  • Ethyl alcohol solvent carrier
  • Cures with all lights
  • Use now for light cure indirect bonding
  • PQ1 Intro Kit contains: 2-1.2ml PQ1 syringes, 2-1.2ml Ultra-Etch syringes, 20-Blue Micro tips, 40-Red Inspiral Brush Tips


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