Quest Dry Field System

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The Quest™ Dry Field System combines a mouth prop, tongue shield and suction device into one easy to use appliance. When used in conjunction with the Access™ Cheek Retractor, it is proven to be highly effective in maintaining a dry field for orthodontic bonding and a variety of other dental procedures.

Product Information & Instructions

Prior to inserting the device:

  1. Verify that the rings of the tongue shield do not block the suction holes. If they do, simply rotate or slide the tubing into the proper position.
  2. Instruct the patient to open as wide as possible while you insert the tongue shield, and then to close lightly to hold its position.


To insert the tongue shield: (see enclosed photos)

  1. Hold the assembled device so that the tubing faces the patient, and the front of the device points downward.
  2. Insert in this position and then upright the tongue shield so that the rigid portion rests against the palate.
  3. The patient should relax their tongue and allow it to comfortably rest within the device.
  4. Verify that all suction holes are visible, facing outward and upward, and are unobstructed by tissue or by the tongue shield.
  5. Instruct the patient to bite down slightly to maintain the device’s position.

Dry Field System Instructions 1

Assembly for re-use: Step 5 (in position)

  1. Thread the open end of the tubing through the ring on the lower posterior of the tongue shield.
  2. Continue threading the tubing through the remaining rings, ending at the opposite posterior ring.
  3. The closed end of the tubing should be at the distal edge of the device.
  4. Verify that all suction holes are visible, and are not blocked by the rings.
  5. Suction holes should face upwards and outwards.
  6. Thread the open end of the tubing through the anterior opening.
  7. Attach the low-volume suction adapter to the tubing.
  8. Attach the adapter to your suction source and generate suction as needed.

Dry Field System Instructions 2


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