Forestadent Snap Bite Jumping Appliance

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The Snap VDP from FORESTADENT is a maxilla expansion screw for the VDP appliance which has been optimised in design and application. It has significantly reinforced protrusion bars to which an additional rib was added. Deformation or damage to the bars from extra-oral influences can therefore be prevented. To ensure optimum patient comfort, they also have an extremely smooth surface as well as rounded edges.

The Snap VDP is equipped with the proven snap-lock mechanism. It secures the screw from reversing as the flat spring engages noticeably and controllably after activation of the spindle. Per activation (1/4 rotation) a maxilla expansion of 0.2 mm can be achieved, whereby the screw can achieve a maximum expansion of 7 mm. If accidentally over-activated, the screw can be turned back easily.

  • Protection from deformation or damage through significantly reinforced protrusion bars
  • High patient comfort due to rounded bars and extremely smooth surface
  • Safe activation without turning back thanks to the snap-lock mechanism
  • Controllable activation through noticeable snapping of the flat spring
  • Easy positioning of the maxilla expansion screw in the fabrication process thanks to extended place holder


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