Forestadent Snap-Lock Expander

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The Snap-Lock Expander from FORESTADENT is a screw for palatal expansion which is secured against unwanted back-turning thanks to its special design. This is made possible by the flat spring which locks in securely after activation. When the Snap Lock is activated (1/4 turn), the patient is able to feel the screw lock, which gives extra peace of mind. In addition, the optimal position of the hole in the spindle ensures easy reactivation. If over-activated, the Snap-Lock Expander can be turned back.

  • No accidental turning back due to the spring lock
  • Perfect control thanks to activation that can be felt
  • Easy reactivation as the hole in the spindle is always in the optimal position
  • No risk of injury during activation as the special screw design prevents the key from piercing through


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