Template Clear

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Specially designed for provisional matrix fabrication.


  • Very best matrix material for veneer temporaries
  • Ideal for single or multiple restoration cases in either anterior or posterior regions
  • Unique 30 second cure time
  • Water clear to provide excellent visibility throughout the fabrication process
  • Allows visual verification of the right amount of provisional material and prevents voids or overfill situations that lead to more required chair time
  • Excellent flow properties capture the most precise morphology
  • Especially effective at creating defined margins and minimizing flash

When used with a Clinician’s Choice clear, non perforated impression tray, you have a matrix with a window effect for the ultimate in clarity.  No other material is better for the occlusal matrix technique for direct posterior composite restorations.


  1. OE Admin

    Template Clear is our choice for light-cured indirect bonding. It is viscous enough so that it doesn’t flow under the bracket pads, but still captures the brackets enough for precise positioning. It comes off in one piece and doesn’t get stuck behind the wings or in the slots. – Dr. Duncan Higgins

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