Track V Thermoforming Foil


TRACK® thermoforming foils have versatile applications. Easy and quick to process, they meet the highest quality standards. Track A and Track B cut down on several processing steps. As an insulation foil is integrated in both foils, there is no need to insulate the model or deep-draw a separate liner foil with subsequent manual perforation. Also, TRACK® A and TRACK® B foils do not need to be dried and do not require a bonding agent to bond to acrylic plastic (Forestacryl) – two great advantages! Compared to other PETG foils, TRACK® A foils have 30% less breakages thanks to heir high elasticity.

RACK® E foils are made of an optimal material mix and guarantee a more stable thermobonding for intermaxillary devices (e.g. positioner, snoring appliances or mouth guards).

The foils are perfect for processing with the TRACK® V Vacuum thermoforming unit with non-touch temperature control, pre-vacuum and touch panel.


Less work steps when using TRACK® A and B foils thanks to integrated insulation foil
Faster processing of TRACK® A and B foils, as no pre-drying and bonding agent is required
Improved foil composite in TRACK® E thanks to superior mixture of materials
Up to 30% less breakage in TRACK® A foils thanks to high elasticity
Ideal processing of all foils thanks to high user-friendliness of the TRACK®-V vacuum thermoforming device


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Track A Thermoforming .5x120mm SKU: 9-100105
Track B Thermoforming .2x125mm SKU: 9-100106
Occluform for Track V SKU: 9-100107
Track A blanks hard ø 0,63x 125 mm 100pcs SKU: 9-100111
Track A blanks hard ø 0,8 x 125 mm 100 pcs SKU: 9-100112
Track A blanks hard .040 1.0 x125mm 100 pcs SKU: 9-100113
Track A blanks hard ø 1,5 x 125 mm 50 pcs SKU: 9-100114
Track A blanks hard ø 3,0 x 125 mm 50 pcs SKU:9-100116
Track C blanks soft ø 0,5 x 125 mm 100 pcs SKU: 9-100121
Track C blanks soft ø 0,6 x 125 mm 100 pcs SKU:9-100122
Track C blanks dorf ø 1,0 x 125 mm 100 pcs SKU:9-100123
Track E soft ø 1,5 x 125 mm 50 pcs SKU: 9-100124
Track E soft ø 2,0 x 125 mm 50 pcs SKU: 9-100125
Track E soft ø 3,0 x 125 mm 30 pcs SKU: 9-100126
Track Bleach blanks ø 1,0 x 125 mm 100 pcs SKU: 9-100127


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