VALO Curing Light Accessories


VALO Barrier Sleeves




VALO barrier sleeves protect the VALO hand-piece from contamination and bacterial build up.





VALO Black Light Lens




The VALO Black Light lens is used to detect fluorescent particles in resins for easy differentiation from natural enamel. All VALO lenses are secured to the VALO head by a strong magnet inside the lens housing, and are compatible with both VALO and VALO Cordless.



VALO Battery Charging Unit




VALO Cordless Battery Charger is suitable for power outlets from 100 to 240 volts.




VALO Power Supply




VALO Universal Power Supply




VALO Light Shield




VALO Light Shield




VALO Mounting Bracket





The VALO mounting bracket facilitates convenient and secure storage of the VALO handpiece.





Additional information

Choose from:

Corded Barrier Sleeve Refill 500pk – SKU: #725932
Cordless Barrier Sleeve Refill 500pk – SKU: #725964

VALO Ortho Black lens – SKU: #725939

VALO Battery Charging Unit: #725962

VALO Universal Power Supply plug, 6ft cord – SKU: #725930
VALO Universal Power plug, 16ft cord – SKU: #725933

VALO Light Shield – SKU: #725935

VALO Mounting Bracket – SKU: #721667


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